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  • Beograd | Novi Sad
    99 EUR
    Beograd | Novi Sad
    107 EUR
  • 107 EUR
    Beograd | Novi Sad
    65 EUR
    70 EUR
    Beograd | Novi Sad
    95 EUR
  • Beograd | Novi Sad
    102 EUR
    Beograd | Novi Sad
    87 EUR
  • Hamburg
    Novi Sad

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Eurolines Touring Lasta Severtrans

About us

Doo "Panonijabus" Novi Sad is a company specialized for lines passenger transportation services on destination Serbia - Germany, and its passenger transportation services are also provided by the large Serbian companies such as: Lasta Beograd, ATP Vojvodina Novi Sad, Severtrans from Sombor. Transportation is organized in cooperation with the German partner - Deutsche Touring GmbH Frankfurt/M.
Panonijabus, in cooperation with the German partner Deutsche Touring GmbH, connects 13 cities in Serbia with over 20 largest cities in Germany.
We organize a DAY-TO-DAY transportation by de luxe busses produced by the top-level world manufacturers.
By purchasing the ticket in our sales points all over Serbia, you get maximum quality of transportation for Germany, as well as various possibilities of fare discounts for groups, families, students, as well as free travels (for ten purchased tickets, you get one free ticket).
The statistic parameters indicate that during the last 20 years no passenger remained without providing the transportation service required.

You should only book your place on time, all the other is our concern.
Do not let everybody to drive you!
Let`s travel together!


Motor pool

PANONIJABUS is incorporated of three large Serbian transportation companies: Lasta Beograd, ATP Vojvodina Novi Sad and Severtrans from Sombor.
Each transporter introduced into PANONIJABUS its long-year experience in passenger transportation and also the busses of highest world class, providing the passengers with maximum comfortable and safe traveling.
Each bus in PANONIJABUS company is equipped with a top quality air conditioning, refrigerator with cold drinks, coffee making device, DVD device, WC cabin and assuredly courteous personnel, complying with all passengers’ requirements.
Maximum age of busses engaged on lines for Germany is below 7 years.

PANONIJABUS currently possesses the following motor pool:


New busterminal in Dresden

  • 12. 9. 2018.

From 10.09.-05.10.2018. 23:59 Buses will stop in Dresden in Andreas - Schubert - Strasse. After than again in Bayrische strasse.


  • 19. 5. 2018.


  • 22. 1. 2018.


  • 17. 1. 2018.


  • 06. 7. 2016.


  • 12. 5. 2016.


  • 13. 3. 2016.


  • 11. 12. 2015.


  • 22. 10. 2015.


  • 16.03.2013.


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